Dubai Highlights

Main highlights of UAE
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Dubai Highlights

Realizing that the oil-era is not going to last forever, Dubai started diversifying its economy since Sheikh Rashid’s time. Sheikh Mohammed, continuing his father’s legacy, announced in February of 2010 his long-term strategic plan, under the name of “Vision 2024”.

Following the “Vision 2024” directives, Dubai has been transformed into an ultra-modern city, with advanced infrastructure, a thriving private sector supported by e-government services across the board, one of the best airlines of the world and a clean environment. Dubai embraced the future, preserving at the same time its heritage and the local colour of which it was well known even before its independence.

One of the main pillars of the emirate’s economy is tourism. Dubai, having set its sights on World Expo 2020 and the target of receiving 20 million visitors per year by 2020, is currently on overdrive. Every day new projects come on-line and other projects are completed and released to the public.

One thing for sure, from the moment you set foot in Dubai, you will not have the time to be bored. There are so many places to be visited, so many sights to be seen and so many things to be done. Highlights of the city’s attractions include historical areas and museums, architectural marvels, man-made islands and canals, wonderful gardens and wildlife sanctuaries, pristine beaches and recreational areas and above all, the numerous Guinness World Records held by Dubai Highlights, more than any other city in the world.

By the end of your vacation you will be wishing that you had a few extra days to visit and see things, you were not able to cross out of your list. But do not be sad. There is always the next time. One thing that we can promise is that the next time you visit Dubai, you will be equally, if not more, surprised by the new things you’ll see. That’s the magic of Dubai.