Dubai Fountain

  • Dubai Fountain

Designed by the same company that created the fountain at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the Dubai Fountain is currently the largest fountain of its kind in the world. Set on Burj Khalifa lake, in the centre of Downtown Dubai, Dubai Fountain offers captivating shows to thousands of spectators several times a day. Its inauguration, on May 8th, 2009, was planned to coincide with the grand opening of the Dubai Mall. Its high-pressure water nozzles can send water flying up to 500 ft in the air, in perfect synchronization with light and music, creating a spectacular effect. A fourth element, fire, was added to water, light and sound only for the 2011 New Year’s celebration.

Strong Points
  • Top tourist attraction
  • Impressive show
  • Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai
  • Show schedule: Afternoon shows daily (except Friday) 1.00’pm and 1.30’pm, Friday 1.30’pm and 2.00’pm. Evening shows daily from 6.00’pm to 11.00’pm every ½ hour.
  • Abra rides to watch Dubai Fountain shows available
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