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About Touristino

Welcome to – the website and tourism portal owned and managed by Sadiko Tourism LLC.

Since we all live in the informatics era, the question arises as to why we need yet another tourist-dot-something website.

We asked this question to ourselves when we first started thinking about creating Touristino. Most of the sites that we had visited were parts of larger operations based in foreign lands and their only connection to Dubai was that they were selling or reselling tourist products for destination Dubai.

For us, Dubai is not just another destination, it is our city. Our team is comprised of people with a minimum of 10 years of presence in Dubai. That’s the reason we thought that we can make a difference. Whatever information you will get at comes from people who saw Dubai’s evolution with their own eyes. We saw a miracle emerging from the desert and we want to share this experience with you.

We aspire to become your loyal and reliable friend who will welcome you to Dubai and be with you all the way, making sure that you will have the vacation of your dreams come true. This is what you deserve and we are here to get it to you. The site offers tourism packages, activities and excursions provided by inbound tour operator DUBAI RELAX TOURS LLC.

And when the time comes for you to leave Dubai, we would love to hear you saying “until the next time” rather than “goodbye”. Then we would know that we have accomplished something and we have added a friend to our Touristino family.


The Touristino Team