Flamingo lagoon

  • Flamingo lagoon

Ras Al Khor (head of the creek, in Arabic) is home to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a tidal estuary located on the edge of Dubai Creek. The sanctuary, established in 1985, covers a 6 sq.km. area and hosts over 300 species of Dubai’s flora and fauna. Most famous among the migratory birds, residing in the sanctuary, are the approximately 500 greater flamingos (phoenicopterus roseus), which have become something of a mascot for Dubai’s Wildlife protection programme.

Dubai Municipality, in collaboration with the local office of WWF, is protecting this delicate ecosystem and has established facilities that can be used by the sanctuary visitors and bird watchers. Currently, there are three birding hides accessible to the public. Mangrove, Flamingo and Lagoon Hides are open Saturday to Thursday, from 09.00’am to 04.00’pm. Entrance to the hides is free of charge. Binoculars are also available at the hides for no extra cost.

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