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Bus is the second most popular form of transportation in Dubai, right after Dubai Metro.

RTA runs an over 1,500 vehicle fleet of modern air-conditioned buses that covers most of the urban areas of the Emirate of Dubai. RTA’s bus network is comprised of almost 120 lines, including regular and express lines, feeder buses to carry passengers to and from Metro stations and 11 intercity bus lines connecting Dubai with other Emirates. There are also bus lines running between Dubai International Airport (DXB) and several destinations in the city and a 24-hour free shuttle service connecting Terminals 1 and 3. Bus line F55 services on a 24-hour basis Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), carrying passengers from DWC to Ibn Battuta Mall Metro Station.

Bus fares are paid only by NOL card. Senior citizens and students get a special fare discount.


All passengers get on board the bus through the front door. Male passengers alight from the door in the rear of the bus. Women and children can leave the bus through the front door as well.

The first 3 rows in the front of the car are reserved for female passengers.

Should you wish to alight the bus, press the stop button to inform the driver.

Eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited on board the bus.

Do not block the gangway of the bus with bulky objects or luggage.

Do not distract the driver when the bus is moving.

Begging or soliciting is prohibited on board the bus.

Bus Station facilities include: Air-conditioned waiting areas for bus users as well as areas dedicated to women and people with special needs, customer service booths and NOL card selling machines, snack and beverage vending machines, prayer rooms for men and women and restrooms for passenger use.

Most of the bus stops have small air-conditioned waiting rooms and the bus timetable for lines that serve those stops.

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