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The city of Dubai today is a real trend when it comes to the entertainment and tourism industry. The emirate is constantly acquiring interesting and unusual options for leisure activities and a pleasant pastime.

So, as part of the program to modernize the Jumeirah embankment and create a modern well-developed infrastructure, in the spring of 2017, the shopping center and La Mer beach were opened. The complex includes a lot of cafes, restaurants, retail stores, the Roxy boutique cinema, the Hawa Hawa children's trampoline center, the beautifully equipped beach itself, and the newest Laguna water park.

The waterpark is particularly noteworthy as it is the first object of its kind, which is not located at the hotel, but on the territory of the open beach, in a public place in the middle of the ultra-modern district of Dubai.

Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Like all La Mer architecture, Laguna Waterpark is made in a very bright and original style. Now we are talking about Buenos Aires and its colorful La Boca quarter - one of the most popular places in the capital of Argentina.

The lagoon is thematically divided into 4 special zones: water slides and attractions, a children's section, a relaxation area, and a complex for surfers.

The main attractions here, in addition to the traditional lazy river with a length of two hundred meters and the Tipping Bucket, which periodically dumps about 4 thousand liters of water on guests, are the WaveOz 180 FloRider surfing club, the Aqua Play area for children and the SplashPad for children under 4 years old.

Laguna Waterpark Dubai 

The main part is a tower with 5 attractions, which include slides Manta, Aquadrop Frefall, Constrictor, Mad Racer, and Loop. There is also a lounge bar by the pool.

Let us describe the main components of the complex in more detail:

Tower with five spectacular slides

This place is something new in the world of water parks. Here, everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

First, it's a double tube with a triple loop, which you ride from the cave-floor booths at the very top of the tower. Just imagine: two people in booths facing each other counting "three, two, one ..." fall down with lightning speed and rush in a dizzying spurt.

There are also two slides that offer a speed competition. The results can be seen at the finish line on the scoreboard, as well as the best result of the day. Go for the record!

Laguna Waterpark Dubai

The Saucer is the second attraction of this type in the world. There, guests plunge into a dark tunnel with sharp turns on inflatable circles, and the descent is accompanied by bright optical illusions that create an indescribable visual effect. At the end of the trip, a swimming pool awaits you.

A hybrid slide that combines elements of the world's best analogs. Here, being in a large group face to face, you rotate in the tunnel, after which the water takes you out to a huge plateau. Soaring along the wall of it, you will feel an indescribable effect of weightlessness.

Free Fall

This slide is the best for those looking for adventures.

To exacerbate the exciting expectation at the very beginning, you fall into a dark pipe and rush down with dizzying acceleration.

The Manta

It is a combined attraction where a person rides on a 4 or 6-seat circle enjoying high-speed spins, dizzying serpentines, and sharp turns. Also, at some point, gravity just disappears.


A trip on a 1 or 2-seater inflatable donut in a pipe with steep turns, mind-blowing drifts, and stunning visual effects. You will definitely return to this place more than once.

The Loop

This place is the best opportunity to test courage and tickle nerves. The countdown means only one thing: the floor will disappear lightning-fast from under your feet and you will rush a bullet along the pipe with three loops that will betray fantastic acceleration and give a sea of adrenaline.

Mad Racer

An incredible race competition on mattresses will allow you to participate in an open competition for the title of the fastest water car. It's really exciting and fun. No one will remain indifferent!

Lazy River

A lazy river is the best opportunity to relax and enjoy the current without unnecessary effort. But be ready to get wet - you won’t get out of the water dry...

Aqua Play

Children aged 4 to 12 years will definitely be interested here. There's a large castle with slides, a giant bucket, and splashes at every step.

Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Splash Pad

The smallest guests will also find fun to their liking. It is a wonderful interactive platform for children under four years old. In this place, children will have fun, and parents will enjoy calmness since they will be able to easily control the kids at any time.

WaveOz 180

It is a real oasis for surfers. This unique 180-degree structure is located in a semicircle with a length of 75 meters. A similar design with four inflatable partitions allows us to test many different options, which makes this experience truly unforgettable and stunning. Four people can participate simultaneously.

WaveOz differs in several ways from other surf simulators of this type in the UAE. Those are the large depth of water and the presence of keel at the boards, which increases the control on the wave and provides more extreme. In addition, here you can adjust the wave size and water speed, which is really amazing.

There is enough space here to simply hang out, admire the ride of adrenaline junkies and enjoy the performance of local DJs.

Laguna Waterpark Dubai

The Pool

This is the pool you can find in the best 5-star hotels for visitors over 18 years old. There is also a lounge cafe, hookah, as well as access to an open beach

Food and drink

The surf club will offer visitors various dishes and drinks with a magnificent panorama from the balcony to the whole Laguna, which looks very spectacular and picturesque

The total area of the water park is about 1.25 million m².

  • Tickets price:
    Adults and children 1.20 m and higher – AED 190 (51.7$)
    Kids from 2 y.o. and below 1.20 m – AED 145 (39.5$)
    Kids under 2 years old are free of charge

    Tickets price at the park gate – AED 210 

  • Tue-Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Mon – Closed

Thus, Laguna Waterpark has become a wonderful alternative to existing competitors, an incredible new entertainment in the Emirates, as well as a wonderful combination of various water fun for guests of all ages.

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