Law in UAE

Consuming alcohol in public places is strictly prohibited (in the emirate of Sharjah alcohol consumption is altogether forbidden). Being drunk and disorderly in public is an offence that may result in a fine or time in jail. Public display of affection should be kept to a minimum. Holding hands is acceptable but kissing and/or hugging is not. Swimwear is acceptable at the beach or in swimming pools. Shorts and T-shirts may be suitable attire in many places but are not appropriate for public places like malls, public offices or religious sites. When visiting mosques or religious sites, members of both sexes are expected to wear modest clothing and behave in a respectful way. Women are additionally required to wear a headscarf when entering a mosque. Noise disruptions, foul language, obscene remarks and showing disrespect towards the religion of Islam, the symbols of the state or its leadership are all forbidden and will probably land the offenders into legal trouble. Use or possession of drugs, cohabitation, adultery, sex or parenting out of wedlock and homosexuality are also offences punishable by the law. Local police takes a zero tolerance approach towards drinking and driving. During the holy month of Ramadan, eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in public during daylight hours. Many hotels and malls though, have specially designated areas where non-Muslims can eat or drink in seclusion, without offending the fasting population.