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  • The View at The Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1999, this modern man-made wonder which was named the Palm Jumeirah island, was brought to life and presented to the world in 2006. However, since then and to this day, this amazing creation does not cease to amaze with more and more bright, creative, incredible discoveries and surprises.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges faced by the whole world by 2021, Nakheel, following the opening of the Nakheel Mall shopping center in the heart of the island a year and a half earlier, shocked the public with the news of the official launch of another mega-project called The Palm Tower. This futuristic skyscraper, inspired by the shape of a palm tree, includes a number of landmarks that make it truly unique and distinctive.

Смотровая площадка на Пальме Джумейра Дубай

It would seem that the first forty-seven floors of the high-rise building are not fraught with anything surprising: the chic St Regis hotel with 290 rooms is located up to the 18th floor, and apartments are located from the 19th to the 47th floors. But the most interesting things are waiting for us a little bit higher.

A magnificent water pool splashed on the honorary fiftieth floor: the AURA SkyPool Lounge. This incredible Infinity Pool is stretched around the entire outer perimeter and gives the opportunity to experience unprecedented emotions and the feeling of being on top of the world. Just imagine: sipping a cocktail in the gentle waters of the pool, you will not see its boundaries, as if you are floating above the ground, and everything inside you will turn over.

A level higher, the SUSHISAMBA restaurant opens its doors for guests, inviting to a gastronomic excursion those interested in cuisines of Japan, Brazil and Peru. They are different but harmoniously united here.

The crown jewel of this magnificent ensemble is the stunning observation deck The View at The Palm which is located on the fifty-second floor at the height of 240 meters. The uniqueness of the attraction lies in the 360° panoramic view and the specific design. The Observatory's open-air terrace is surrounded by a special 45-degree outward tilted glass frame, which allows you to significantly improve the observer effect and immerse yourself in the dizzying contemplation of the panorama of one of the most futuristic megacities of our time. The terrace is equipped with binoculars and special footboards right next to the fences, allowing you to get even closer to the edge and tickle your nerves, get a dose of adrenaline, and take a unique and vivid picture as a keepsake.

Новая обзорная площадка Дубай

Perhaps this is the only place (if you do not consider the various types of air travel) where you can fully enjoy the architectural and landscape masterpiece of the Palm Jumeirah, see all its splendor, towering above its very center. However, the overview of the area is not limited to this, because thanks to the advantageous location, the site also offers a wonderful view of the fashionable Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island with the world's largest Ferris wheel, the popular Jumeirah promenade with its symbol - the Burj al Arab hotel and Arabian Venice - Madinat Jumeirah, and the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

The ascent to the site is through the entrance located in the Nakheel Mall shopping and entertainment center on level 2. And before ascending, which, by the way, takes 45 seconds, guests enter The View Exhibition. This is a gallery dedicated to the creation of the archipelago of man-made islands, including the stages of sand filling, the formation of a breakwater, development, as well as an immersive walk through the underwater world and many other interactive entertainments that will arouse interest and help immerse yourself in the appropriate atmosphere.

Панорамная площадка в Дубае, The View at the Palm

Access to the site is available in several options, including a standard ticket, a fast track pass, and a VIP package that includes, among other things, a guided tour, access to the Premium Lounge, drinks, and snacks. The cost also varies depending on the time of visit: for example, tickets for prime time (the period before sunset) are more expensive than the rest in each package.

At the end of the visit, you will be pleasantly surprised by the virtual performance in the elevator, which first creates the illusion of transparent walls during the descent from a height and then plunges you into the sea kingdom surrounded by underwater inhabitants.

Thus, The View intrigues and challenges other already sensational viewing platforms of the emirate: the Dubai Frame and the platforms of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, but it deserves special attention. Indeed, it is another must-see in the United Arab Emirates.

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