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With the growth of technological progress, the list of wonders of the world is gradually losing relevance, as diverse new architectural masterpieces that amaze with beauty and grandeur appear. The historical and cultural importance of the pyramids in Giza or the ruins of the ancient Colosseum is difficult to overestimate and nobody does it. However, the structures that are being built among the desert dunes, in the homeland of emirs and sheiks - in luxurious Dubai, are also not deprived of the people's attention. Now the list of man-made wonders is replenished with a new masterpiece - the Ain Dubai wheel.

"Eye of Dubai": a gift for Expo-2020

The Dubai Emirate gravitates not only to golden Lamborghinis and incredibly expensive yachts - this city has long and firmly taken over the virus of uncontrollable megalomania. One look at the majestic Sail Tower, the incredible Burj Khalifa skyscraper, or the kilometer-long Creek Tower is enough to prove it. Nevertheless, the Dubai authorities are not going to stop. So, by the opening of the World Expo 2020, a new attraction will open in the city - the tallest observation wheel in the world symbolically called the Eye of Dubai.

Колесо обозрения Дубай

It will leave behind the huge 135-meter wheel in London, the 160-meter Chinese "Star of Nanchang", as well as the Singapore Flyer and the American High Roller, which are all the largest attractions in this category at the moment. What do oriental engineers delight humanity with?

The pearl of the Blue Waters island: where Ain Dubai is built

Ain Dubai is located on one of the man-made islands. In addition to the titanic attraction, several apartment buildings and townhouses are located on the territory of Bluewaters Island, the cost of apartments in which amounts to tens of millions of dollars. An elite area has came to life on the Blue Waters island, connected to the no less prestigious location of Dubai Marina by a 300-meter long bridge. Around the Ferris wheel, there are shopping centers, bars, conceptual cafes and restaurants, boutiques of world-famous brands, a mosque, and two luxurious five-star hotels. Another man-made miracle that will soon appear here is the sparkling Dubai SuperTrees. They are reminiscent of the colorful glass gardens of Singapore.

Directly near the attraction, a cable car will be opened, a comfortable beach and an extensive entertainment area will be laid out. On the magical Arabian island, washed by the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, there will be everything you may need for a comfortable and fun life in fabulous luxury.

Dimensions are impressive

The incredible wheel has been under construction for six years. Its construction involved two of the world's tallest tower cranes, rising to 180 meters. This is not surprising: Ain Dubai’s height is 210 meters, which is equivalent to a 57-story skyscraper. The weight of the attraction is 7,500 tons, that is, it is equal to 40 blue whales - the largest mammals on the planet, or 16 Airbus A380s!

What else can Ain Dubai surprise with?

  • During the construction, 9 thousand tons of steel was used - a quarter more than during the construction of the Eiffel Tower
  • The total length of 192 cables used in the construction of the ring is 2,400 km
  • Ain Dubai accommodates 48 streamlined 31-seat cabins with a futuristic design. Elite capsules, equipped with a bar and comfortable soft sofas, can transport no more than 12 tourists at a time
  • The general number of people this attraction can accommodate is 1,400 passengers
  • In the center of the wheel, an 80-meter liquid crystal screen will be installed, which is the largest screen on the planet
  • It takes about half an hour for one wheel revolution

The insanely rich Arab state is counting on an annual flow of visitors to the wheel, reaching up to 3 million people. It is likely that these hopes will come true.

Колесо обозрения в Дубае

View from above: what tourists will see from Ain Dubai

Given the incredible height, visitors to the attraction will enjoy unforgettable views of the emirate's coast and clearly see the following sights:

  • The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, cutting through the sky at a height of 828 meters.
  • The only seven-star hotel is the Burj Al Arab. The unique hotel is distinguished by the exorbitant cost of rooms and unique design.
  • A huge 11-km man-made island Palm Jumeirah. There, celebrity villas are located, as well as the best beaches and resorts in Dubai.

All of the above, together with the neighboring area of Dubai Marina, looks especially fascinating at night when the torches of giant skyscrapers are lit, millions of colorful fiery shadows come to life, flickering from the height of the Ain Dubai, like stars that have fallen to the ground.

Gardens of coral-pink openwork trees, “growing” at the foot of the wheel, look from such a height like tiny neon mushrooms hidden among the foliage. In general, the viewing radius of Ain Dubai is about fifty kilometers. This means that in the daytime, tourists will be able to see the vast expanses of the waterless, withering desert of Rub al-Khali, holding the city in a hot embrace.

How to get to the place?

Those wishing to try a modern wonder of the world - Ain Dubai, definitely have to visit Bluewaters Island. There are several ways to get to the island. Let's take a look at those.

Bluewater Island Dubai

Taxi. Transport services in the UAE are under the auspices of the state, so the government directly affects pricing and controls the impeccable quality of service. You can call a taxi near any store, mall, bus stop or train station. You can also utilize the RTA Dubai mobile app.

Metro line. You should get off at Jumeirah Lakes Towers station, and then walk across the bridge.

Bus or tram. You will have to stop at Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2 and Jumeirah Beach Residence 2, respectively, and walk about 3 km.

A car. It does not matter whether it is personal or rented - the geolocation coordinates of the island are unchanged - 25.079633, 55.122455. In the Jumeirah area, you need to turn off the main Sheikh Zayed Road towards the coast.

Ain Dubai is a highlight that will have no analogs on Earth for a long time, so everyone should see it with their own eyes at least once in a lifetime!

The day you visit this attraction will certainly become an adornment of your trip, and will add richness and diversity to it.

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