First time in Dubai

  • First time in Dubai.

When you are in Dubai for the first time, it is easy to get confused. Almost all types of modern curiosities one can imagine are collected here: from futuristic landscapes of the future to unique details of the past. It seems that this metropolis has everything you could wish for. What should a tourist take a look at when being in the United Arab Emirates, namely Dubai, for the first time? We'll discuss this in detail.


A sightseeing tour in Dubai is a wonderful opportunity to quickly explore the city, get acquainted with its culture, see lots of sights, get a lot of new impressions and recharge with positive for a long time. The excursion program is compiled so that every tourist sees Dubai from the most unexpected angles and in different moods. The program includes trips to historical and modern places both in the daytime and in the evening.


The tour includes a visit to the Al Fahidi Fort Wax Museum, a walk along the Dubai Creek, and visiting the iconic sights of the city. You will see with your own eyes the most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab, on an artificially created island. You will find out what secrets are hidden behind its walls. An experienced guide will show you the location of the Dubai ruler's palace, take you through the city's places of worship, and reveal its secrets and mysteries.

A professional guide will help you not only admire the sights of the metropolis but also delve into its history and learn useful life hacks that will help you quickly adapt to a foreign country, getting the most out of your tour.


Dubai is the city of the future. It is full of the world's highest skyscrapers and futuristic architectural structures. To appreciate all this beauty and capture the dizzying landscape in your memory, you definitely need to visit the Burj Khalifa. Nowadays, it is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its height is 828 meters. By the way, it is 163 levels. Such a height cannot be reached, even if the Great Pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, and Taipei 101 are stacked on top of each other.

In the building, the first 37 floors belong to the Armani Hotel. Above are office facilities and apartments. Interesting fact: an Indian billionaire bought the entire 100th floor here. The building can accommodate 35,000 people at the same time.


The construction of the skyscraper took 5 years and $1.5 billion. It has not only its own atmosphere but also its own smell. Giorgio Armani's personal fragrance "For the Burj Khalifa" can be enjoyed in the public spaces.

Initially, the tower was planned to be called Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower). But it was called Burj Khalifa in honor of Sheikh Khalifa ibn Zayed al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

An interesting thing is that tourists can only get to the observation decks (there are two of them: on the 148th and 124th floors) through The Dubai Mall (LG floor). From the side of the tower, there is no entrance to these sites. It is better to buy a ticket in advance online, since if you try to do it even a few weeks in advance, the most popular time you might be interested in would be fully booked.

You can get to the shopping center via the metro of the same name. It is recommended to arrive before the booked time, so it will take some time to simply reach the entrance and redeem tickets for a pass.

But the time spent will only warm up the interest and enhance the impressions of what you see. After all, the picture that opens up to the eye cannot be described in words. You will see all of Dubai at a glance. One can enjoy such a gorgeous view for hours.


Have you heard about the aquarium with the largest viewing panel in the world?

Yes, it is located in Dubai, in The Dubai Mall. And this is what must be seen with your own eyes.

Dubai Aquarium (this is the name of the aquarium) holds 10 million liters of water, is equipped with 75 cm thick glass, and occupies 3 floors at once. Here you can see rays, sharks, giant groupers, corals, and hundreds of species of fish that many have not even heard of. And all this is completely free of charge.


Do you want to be in the thick of maritime events? Then a walk along the 48-meter corridor inside the aquarium is a perfect choice. But in this case, you need to purchase a ticket. It is better to do it in advance to avoid long queues. In addition, you can also visit the fantastic underwater zoo on the second floor right above the aquarium. Here you can also admire the giant crocodile, penguins, cute otters, and many other unique exhibits. In general, the dream of being the lord of the sea is feasible! Just for the holidays, but still…


A vacation in the United Arab Emirates without visiting the desert is money down the drain. This tour is a realistic one of this country. To feel and appreciate the subtleties of the East, you need to take a Desert Safari. Such an amazing experience will be appreciated by both extreme sportsmen and people who prefer a calm and slow rest.

Desert Safari Dubai

During the desert safari you will be able to do the following:

  • visit the desert and admire the beauty of the sand dunes;
  • ride on the sand dunes on a snowboard;
  • saddle a camel;
  • enjoy a falcon show;
  • make a cute henna drawing;
  • take pictures in national clothes;
  • plunge into the life of the Bedouins and touch a unique culture;
  • taste delicious national dishes;
  • see a colorful choreographic show and a real belly dance.

Do you want to add some adrenaline, exciting pastime, and alluring desert sunsets to your holiday? Then a desert safari is just what you need.


Abu Dhabi is the heart of the United Arab Emirates. This is the richest and largest emirate, which contains 90% of the country's oil. 85% of the territory is desert. Therefore, life is in full swing here, mainly on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi has many green parks and luxurious palaces, museums, and attractions. For example, Formula 1 takes place in the suburbs, before Abu Dhabi entrance, on Yas Island, built in the form of a whale. The Ferrari World theme park is also located here.


The excursion program includes a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, the Grand White Mosque, and the open-air museum. Tourists get a unique opportunity to see modern architectural masterpieces: the filigree Emirates Palace hotel, the Etihad Towers and Al Bahr Towers skyscrapers, the world's first-round Aldar building, and the Capital Gate building with the largest slope in the world. The architecture of Abu Dhabi differs significantly from the architecture of Dubai. Hotels, palaces, and Sheikh’s residences - all the luxury and richness of Arab culture at arm's length.

By visiting a sightseeing tour, you will touch luxury, plunge into a completely different world, enjoy amazing landscapes and become one step closer to the secrets of the rapid prosperity of the East.


The highlight of your trip to Dubai will be a Dubai Marina cruise on a traditional Dhow that will be accompanied by dinner. This is a wonderful way to combine peaceful and exciting leisure and a gastronomic excursion on a dazzling sparkling oriental evening. You will enjoy great entertainment with delicious food, Arabic music, breathtaking views of Dubai at night, and the largest cluster of skyscrapers in the world.

Dubai Marina cruise

Walking on the Dhow is like being a celebrity on the red carpet. At the entrance you are greeted with aromatic coffee and dates, a cozy table and a meal are already waiting on the deck. The lights go out and... the show begins. Tanura dance, oriental motifs, incredible landscapes, and delicious food - such entertainment will not leave anyone indifferent.


Musandam is the pearl of the Middle East. It is the most beautiful peninsula with deserted beaches, water as clear as a tear, grottoes, and rocks with unique flora and fauna menacingly hanging over the land.

The territories of the peninsula belong to the Sultanate of Oman, but they are separated from it by the lands of the United Arab Emirates. Musandam is a unique peninsula where everyone can find something to their liking. This is a great place for scuba diving, beach activities, and fishing.

But that's not all. In addition to extreme and sports entertainment, there are real Bedouin settlements on the peninsula that are cut off from civilization and still preserve the centuries-old people's traditions.


Don't discount the beaches. After all, here you can not only soak up the sun but also meet stingrays lazily dozing on the sand or scurrying turtles.

But the main attraction of Musandam is boat trips through the labyrinths between the mountain cliffs. This is a real sea adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Instead of an epilogue

Dubai is a fairy tale city, a dream city. Having visited it once, you will feel a strong desire to come back again. There will be a need to experience these emotions and plunge into the atmosphere even deeper, discovering new undertones of oriental charm.

If you are lucky enough to be in the UAE, make the most of your time to see Dubai in profile and full face, in all its glory and grandeur.

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