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Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the oldest and richest in the world. Hemmed in on three sides by mountains and fanned on the other by the humid breath of the Caspian. Azerbaijan is a model of our planet’s geography. The sea and diversity of terrain have created nine of the Earth’s 11 climate zones here.

This adds to the wealth of Azerbaijani cuisine, which has distinctive national traditions and techniques. The Azerbaijani art of cooking is popular with other nations too. Azeri dishes, such as dolma, govurma, kebab, piti, plow, saj, dushbara, gutab, and others dish are popular amongst the neighboring Caucasus peoples. Azerbaijani cuisine retains some of the old cooking methods. Copper or clay pots are traditionally used and give a distinctive flavor to a meal. The Jag Restaurant is a place where food and tradition meet quality, service and the modern. With a background rooted in years of Azeri history and the appreciation of good food, The Jag Restaurant aims to bring the experience of home-like Azeri hospitality and flavors to Dubai - a city known for it’ s multi-cultural society, fast-moving nightlife and the need for adventure and discovering ‘the new’. The Jag Restaurant hopes to satisfy those who hunger for only the best taste and those who look to get away from the buzz of an ever-growing metropolitan lifestyle.

Jag is the name of the famous and legendary kebab from Turkish province of Erzurum. The concept of our menu based on this particular dish. Moreover, in Azeri “JAG” means “Perfect”. The philosophy behind the logo of the restaurant reflects the presence of traditional Azeri cuisine in modern fusion style. The organic natural fruits and vegetables, greens and selected products imported from Azerbaijan, as well as our hospitable team with high-level service culture, give us the confidence to choose this name.

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