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For a layman, the word "safari" is always associated with a nice walk and a close acquaintance with the local nature through an off-road vehicle. This is a kind of journey into the heart of nature of the region where this cognitive voyage is being held. There is a wide variety of this exciting pastime, but wherever it is, it is always associated with adventure, a dose of adrenaline, and the brightest impressions.

The United Arab Emirates is the country in which the safari fits perfectly into the national tourist tradition and today is one of the main tourist attractions. In a way, safari is a visiting card of this area. Here it acquired its specificity and distinctive features. What are the main types of Safari and how do they differ from each other? Let's try to figure it out.

The most common safari type is the so-called Dubai Safari or Jeep Safari. As a rule, this is a tour that takes place in the afternoon and the evening. While the heat has not disappeared behind the cover of night, spacious, air-conditioned, specially equipped off-road vehicles go to the picturesque and mysterious desert, where until sunset the virtuoso masters of turns on dunes will give you fantastic sensations, conquering majestic ridges in sharp throws. Sometimes, what is happening seems incredible, because this can be seen on the screens in fantastic action games.

Watching the sunset on the Arabian hills is truly a majestic thing, and shots against the background of such surrealism are worthy of the best places in the collection of any traveler.

Dubai desert safari

At nightfall, the tired caravan sets off for the Bedouin village, where you can fully feel like a hero of Arabian fairy tales. You will be met with traditional drinks and dates, and a whole scattering of exciting entertainment awaits you here, including a trip on the so-called ships of the desert - camels,  a belly dance followed by a choreographic "Tanura", drawing beautiful patterns on the body with henna, or the opportunity to put on national clothes and feel like a sheik. Among other things, in the camp, you can experience a ride on a sand dune board - sandboarding (a fairly popular local sport). Hookah lovers will find shelter in a cozy den. And, of course, you will enjoy a wonderful dinner under the endless sky of Arabia, which will remain in your memory forever.

Those wishing to visit the famous local restaurant Al Hadheerah in the desert resort of Bab al-Shams willingly choose Royal Safari. This package, in addition to the traditional, drive through the dunes on a private Land Cruiser and watching the sunset, includes a luxurious dinner from the chef and the Al-Khadir show program with virtuoso artists, and theatrical production, and live music. This is a very popular place for those who would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend their leisure time in the middle of the sands in a fabulous oasis without losing comfort. This combination is perfect for various celebrations, celebrating family events, and just for fun holidays with family and friends.


Lux-Safari stands apart among other types of entertainment. Lux-Safari includes a real immersion in the UAE wildlife thanks to a visit to the Dubai Desert Conservation Resort, where numerous inhabitants of the Arabian fauna and flora are represented in a wide variety. Those are several types of gazelles, oryx, various birds, and others. Land Rover retro SUVs that have been preserved since the 50s of the last century and are the best suited for such trips give a special charm and coloring.

Another very interesting experience will be getting acquainted with traditional Bedouin falconry, which will take you back to the times when there were no cafes and restaurants, and the only source of food was the close union of man and bird.

Lux-Safari Dubai

As a nice continuation of the evening, a unique village will open its doors for you. There, you will immerse yourself in the life of local Arabs of the middle of the last century; you will taste an unforgettable meal prepared according to special branded recipes of the people of the emirates; you will see the performance of an ethnic vocal and instrumental ensemble and take part in it; you will immerse yourself in a luxurious and unique atmosphere that will give you the emotions that can be received only from top-class service. You won't get anything like this anywhere else but here.

VIP Safari

The VIP Safari or Platinum Safari is the ideal option for an unparalleled date or intimate evening. It is a chance to unwind in a private and relaxed atmosphere or to combine your leisure time with gastronomic bliss in the comfort of a secluded desert setting under the night sky, a scattering of stars, and the light of candles and torches on the shore of a charming lake.

VIP safari Dubai

The entire way, as well as an excursion to the Dubai Nature Reserve with its friendly inhabitants, is carried out on Range Rover cars so that the evening becomes completely flawless, and every smallest detail brings genuine pleasure. A six-course dinner from the chef will satisfy the taste of any gourmet and will be a great alternative to a gourmet restaurant.

Among other things, various entertainments will be available to you, including an elegant show, camel riding, falconry, hookahs, and much more.

This premium-class vacation is not suitable for everyone, but for those who deserve and wish only the best for themselves and their loved ones.


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