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A lot of tourists prefer the all-included type of vacation. Others, the more adventurous types, like to move around by themselves and discover places and things, no regular visitor will ever know that they existed. If you belong to the latter group of people, then Bu Qtair is definitely a place you would like to have dinner at.

Bu Qtair is a little more than a shack with a limited indoor and outdoor seating that, judging from the long waiting line, is quite popular dining destination among residents and tourists alike.

There are only plastic tables and chairs, no table clothing, no silverware, no menu list and limited waiter service. There are two menu choices: fresh fish (whatever is the catch of the day) and shrimps. You have to queue to order your food, which is already marinated in a spicy Indian sauce and is subsequently deep fried and served with rice or paratha. Once your order is ready, you are seated in one of the tables and you can order your side dishes and drinks.

Bu Qtair is located by the sea, in Jumeirah Road 4d, close to Burj Al Arab. They are open since morning hours but their forte is dinner starting around 06.00’pm.

Strong Points
  • Fresh out-of-the-boat fish and shrimps
  • Very popular among residents and tourists
  • Fishing village ambience
  • Kitchen – Indian, Seafood
  • Neighbourhood: Jumeirah
  • Average ticket for two – AED 130 (around $35)
  • Open for dinner
  • Casual dining
  • First-come, first-served
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