Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab (Arabian Tower in Arabic) is a luxury hotel built on top of a man-made island located 280 meters off the coast of Jumeirah. It is linked to the mainland via a private bridge. Building Burj Al Arab was not an easy task. Major challenges presented themselves to the team of engineers during the course of creating the island, securing the foundation of the building and shaping the atrium. The end result is the product of hard work, devotion and ingenious engineering.

Burj Al Arab’s billowing J-class yacht spinnaker sail shape has become the emblem of modern Dubai.

Burj Al Arab is a suite-only hotel and provides its guests with private reception on every floor, discreet check-in within the suites and a host of private butlers. Burj Al Arab has a helipad hanging 210m above ground. Guests may arrive at the hotel either by using a helicopter transfer service or by riding in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Dining in Burj Al Arab is far more than just food. All of its nine signature restaurants, through their unique atmosphere and taste, contribute to an exceptional and memorable dining experience.

The latest addition to Burj Al Arab’s crown jewels is the Terrace. This amazing combination of creative marine design and ingenious engineering was built in Finland and transported to Dubai by sea. The 10,000 sq.m. platform stretches 100 meters into the sea and is holding on it two exclusive pools, the Scape Restaurant & Bar, a beach front area and butler-serviced cabanas.

Burj Al Arab, having been voted the world’s most luxurious hotel more than once, is the symbol of the international jet-set lifestyle.