Necktie Corner

Anyone can spend a lot of money and buy expensive suits and overcoats of famous brand names, but this does not mean that he is done with his wardrobe. As usual, the secret to a perfect appearance is hidden in the details which, in our case, are called accessories.

The choice of the appropriate accessories is that makes the difference between a good appearance and a perfect one and reveals someone’s character, personality and fine taste in clothing.

When you reach the point of choosing accessories you have to call in the big guns, aka Necktie Corner. With two locations in Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai, Necktie Corner is the solution to every gentleman’s problem.

From bowties to handkerchiefs, cufflinks, scarves, pockets, socks, suspenders, leather belts and wallets, suit and shirt pins, men’s bracelets, you name it they have it. All these items are made of fine fabrics (silk, microfiber and cotton) and genuine leather. Necktie Corner carries in its inventory the finest products of famous brand names from Italy, Spain and Turkey. They also carry accessories for children.

Go to Necktie Corner and let their professional consultants assist you in choosing the perfect accessories that will emphasize your personality and reveal your innermost self.



  • Fantastic collection
  • Latest in high fashion
  • Knowledgeable multilingual staff


  • Location: Souk Al Bahar
  • Outerwear, Ladies and Mens Fashion