De La Mer Spa

De La Mer spa is the perfect retreat for all ladies who need to escape for a while from the tension and stress of their everyday life.
The serene environment of the spa is ideal for relaxing and cooling down, away from the hectic outside world.

Their team of highly experienced therapists makes sure that you get all the attention and care that you deserve. De La Mer spa is a full service establishment catering to all your individual wellness needs through their personalized treatment programmes. Whether you just need to relax or improve your physical appearance or lose weight, De La Mer spa is your place to be.
Their services include:
Spa treatments
Hair treatment
Manicure & Pedicure
Body treatment & massage
Fitness activities
Spiritual growth
Health advice sessions

De La Mer spa is located in villa no.783, in Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite the Surf Café.