Private hospitals

Dubai is one of the pioneers in the field of medical tourism worldwide. Plans for the development of this very important part of the tourism industry existed well before the turn of last century. Implementation of those plans led to the launch of the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) by Sheikh Mohammed in 2002.

DHCC is a free zone entity dedicated exclusively to healthcare services. DHCC was entrusted with the creation of high-level infrastructure for the medical sector in order to attract people, who would come to Dubai to receive medical treatment.

DHCC is supervised by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) and consists of two phases. Phase-1 is dedicated to healthcare and education and Phase-2 is dedicated to wellness. DHCC is also divided into four sectors: Healthcare, Education & Research, Investment and Regulation.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is projecting an influx of more than half a million medical tourists by 2021. This will give a tremendous boost to Dubai’s economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, not only in the medical sector but across the board.

In order to be able to respond to this enormous task, DHA launched on 10/4/16 the Dubai Health Experience (DXH), which is the first of its kind comprehensive website in the world and aspires to provide to its visitors all the medical tourism related services, at the push of a button.

DXH members

These hospitals and clinics have been duly checked by DHA as to the quality, high-standard and safety of the services that they offer to their patients. The services provided by all these establishments cover the entire spectrum of the medical sector.