• Aquaventure

Aquaventure, as the name implies, is the largest waterpark in Dubai. It covers a total area of about 17 hectares and brings the latest in water fun and adventure to its many visitors.

There is a number of water slides and rides originating out of two imposing towers, The Tower of Poseidon and the Tower of Neptune, named after the Greek mythological God of the Sea, Poseidon (Neptune being the Latin name for Poseidon).

Tower of Neptune was the first tower to be built and its main attraction is the famous and scary at the same time Leap of Faith slide. Going through the Leap of Faith is an exercise in calculating the acceleration of gravity, as you plunge down an essentially vertical transparent acrylic tube, surrounded by sharks, stingrays and other marine life looking at you from the other side of the tube. Shark Attack, another feature of Tower of Neptune gets you on a trip through the tower’s inner structure and delivers you in a lagoon full of sharks. Finally, you can feel the thrill of a roller coaster in its water equivalent, the Shamal.

Been scared but thrilled in the Tower of Neptune is one thing, but what happens at the Tower of Poseidon is completely out of this world. Aquaconda, Zoomerango, Poseidon’s Revenge and Slitherine make sure that you defy the laws of gravity and have your heart pumping wildly.

If huge plunges and wild swirls are not your forte, you can float down the Lazy River on an inflatable tube with or without company. That will calm your nerves down until you hit the first in a series of rapids and you will suddenly realize that the river is not that lazy after all.

Splashers is the area of the Aquaventure dedicated to its small friends. Here kids can have lots of fun in a supervised environment.

You can also participate in other activities such as Shark Safari, Stingrays feeding or simply relax at the Aquaventure beach.

There is a zipline that connects the two towers to the beach. Instead of walking, you can be ferried, hanging 20 meters above ground, from one tower to the other and then end at the beach.


Strong Points
  • One of the best waterparks in Dubai
  • Caters to individuals and families alike
  • Lots of adrenaline producing rides


  • Working hours:
    Daily 10:00 AM to sunset
  • Tickets are available
  • Family entertainment
  • Water park
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah
  • Recommended by Touristino
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