Fit Republic

Planning staying in Dubai more than a couple of months? Are you a fitness enthusiast or just like to keep your body in good condition? In that case the answer to these questions is one: FitRepublik.

FitRepublik is a state of the art facility, located in The Academies area of Sports City in Dubai, next to ICC Cricket Academy. Since its inception, back in January 2015, this 9,000 sq.m. fitness centre caters to all of your fitness related needs and much more.

FitRepublik offers its members a wide range of activities, such as: swimming, gymnastics, martial arts training, CrossFit workouts, weightlifting and strength & conditioning exercise. These are activities for adults and children alike. You can opt for a group or an 1-on-1 training session. FitRepublik employs professional trainers who’ll help you to decide which training programme suits you best and make sure that you’ll make the best out of it. FitRepublik also offers cryotherapy treatments to boost recovery, help you lose weight and slow the aging process. There is a fully stocked retail store in premises, where you can buy everything that relates to your training. Right next door to the gym there is Natalie’s Café, where you can supplement your training with healthy and delicious food and drinks.

Strong Points

  • Modern sports complex in Dubai
  • Multifunctional Centre
  • Ideal training location



  • Opening hours:
    Sat - Thu 5:30AM - 11:00PM,
    Fri 5:30AM - 9:00PM
  • Sports complex
  • Location: Sport City
  • Recommended by Touristino