Work force

Due to the strong growth and good economic climate of recent years, UAE and Dubai in particular attract large numbers of expatriates seeking employment.

Facts such as: no income taxation, high quality of life and safe environment, favourable business environment and opportunities for career advancement, are some of the reasons that make a lot of people considering moving to Dubai and starting a new life for themselves and their families.

The sheer number of projects under way in Dubai requires a huge work force, from highly qualified professionals to mere labourers. The herculean task of controlling and regulating labour in Dubai has fallen upon the Dubai Ministry of Labour (MoL). Through a series of legislative initiatives MoL has created the legal frame that regulates the labour market. Labour law sets the rules for labour contracts, working conditions, workers’ remuneration and compensation, wage protection and health care coverage.

Labour law experts can provide more information to the people who are interested in obtaining employment in Dubai and to those who want to create their business in Dubai and become employers.